About “The King”

Nani and me
Nani and me on my visit home for winter break during my first year of medical school

My name is Brian Nagle. I have been baking since before I can remember, spending free time with my grandmother, Nani, baking cookies, pies, and cinnamon rolls. In the third grade, I really took an interest in cooking, inspired by the recipes of The Boxcar Children book series.  I learned as much about cooking as I could from my mother and Nani, before I was on my own in college. It was during this time that I made my first television debut on Martha Stewart, as a viewer mail segment, where she dubbed me “The Meatball King” for making 90+ meatballs for my fellow Wisconsin Delts. From there I did a couple cooking segments on local stations in Madison, WI and Portland, OR. However, I enjoy entertaining friends and family most with the cooking skills that have been passed down from my mother and Nani and refined by my love of food.

My education has always been geared towards the sciences. My undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin is in Neurobiology and in 2011 I finished graduate school in San Diego with a Masters in Public Health. In 2018 I graduated from the University of Central Florida College of Medicine with a Medical Doctorate. I am now living in Washington, DC for my residency training in Neurology. Although my background is in healthcare that hardly means I am only partial to healthy foods. I am all about flavor, so expect a pleasurable mix of healthy goodies and indulgent treats, influenced by the five years I lived in Southern California, a dash of Florida flavor, an upbringing in the Northwest, and my Midwestern roots.

Video from my appearance on Martha (aired: April 20, 2006)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sasha says:

    The King is my hero. You can roll me an egg roll, or 15, any time.

  2. Lauren Sieglaff says:

    Bri, this website is really cute!!!!! Keep the blogs coming!

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