Scrambled Eggs

What better way to spend a morning than eating a quick, easy and tasty meal. Scrambled eggs are probably the easiest egg dish to make, but in order to have the perfect scrambled eggs, there are three easy techniques that must be followed.

  1. The first of these techniques is synonymous with Paula Dean – butter. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just enough to grease your pan. I use a Calphalon non-stick skillet, but any heavy non-stick skillet will work. The butter will also impart its flavor into the scrambled eggs and, as we all know, butter makes everything taste better.
  2. Use low heat. While beating the eggs in a separate bowl, heat the skillet to low-medium heat. You don’t want the eggs to cook rapidly. The key to perfect scrambled eggs is a slow cook time, so you will have to be a little patient. Pour the eggs into the skillet and let them sit for a few seconds.
  3. Finally, use a heat-resistant rubber spatula to scrape eggs from the bottom. Gently continue to scrape the bottom of the skillet. Gradually the egg will begin to scramble together. Salt and pepper the eggs to taste and continue to scrape the skillet until the eggs have cooked to your desired level. Some people prefer their scrambled eggs a little on the dry side. I, however, prefer to have my scrambled eggs a little wet. I feel that they become too chewy and the texture loses its appeal when they are cooked too long and served dry.

This is definitely a dish to experiment with. You may not get it exactly right the first time, but after a few times practicing you will develop your technique. I also love scrambled eggs, because there is no limit to what you can scramble them with to give them a little more flavor. A family favorite growing up was scrambled eggs and bacon. Simply cut raw bacon into bite sized pieces and cook in a non-stick skillet. Drain grease, reduce the heat and scramble the bacon with the eggs. Scrambled eggs are also delicious topped with a little shredded cheese or chopped fresh vegetables or herbs. The possibilities are endless and your family and friends will love them!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sasha says:

    Oh man, you’re really starting to live up to the title of King…

  2. Val Mahoney says:

    I always add a littly mayonaise to my eggs – makes them a little fluffier! 😉 Love your blog!

  3. Leah says:

    My mom adds MAYO to her eggs??? That one puts me over the edge

    1. The King says:

      Mayo has some pretty simple ingredients, usually oil, vinegar and lemon juice that is emulsified with egg yolk. I think that if you think of it this way, it’s not like you’re adding anything that’s very different and might be worth trying. Interesting idea, Val, I’ll give this one a try.

  4. Eva R. says:

    I love this! My mom used to say she made scrambled eggs with one special ingredient: love. Years later we found out that “love” actually meant butter… Pretty accurate synonym though!

    (P.s. The number of recipes I just saved to try is ridiculous. Your Naan is the first on my list!)

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